MaxI have a 9 month old Cavalier ruby puppy and Steve has helped
 me so much with him. His name is Max. He was very shy, and
 Steve's walking and outdoor activities have led him to have a much
 more outgoing personality. When I come home Max is happy and
 calm, having had some adventure in the dog park or hiking with

What is really nice is that I get a daily report when I get
 home about what they did that day -- Max is getting more exercise 
than I am, especially since Steve has been taking him on Runyon

Steve goes above and beyond, like when I have forgotten
 to leave the air conditioner on or need an extra visit because I need
 to work late - so Max is never left alone for too long or allowed to get 
bored. I feel safer having Steve have access to my home than not,
 because inevitably there are things that come up and I know Steve 
would be available to help if anything unforeseen developed.

I have recommended him to another person in my building and she
 is very pleased with all he does for her as well - and I carry his cards 
in my purse just in case I meet dog owners who need a trustworthy 
dog companion. 
So I would definitely recommend Steve's services and hope that your 
Cavalier has the same kind of good buddy that Max does!


Soffie & Maddie

Soffie & Maddie

I just wanted to let you know how much I love working with Steve Holroyd. He has been taking care of my dogs (a little Shih-tzu mix 
and a Maltipoo puppy) for about 9 months now and I couldn't be 
happier. He calls me after each visit to let me know how they are, 
if they are eating, etc.

I have worked with a few different services 
and finally found one where I do not have to worry whether or not 
the person will be showing up, locking my door and just doing a 
good job.

I would recommend Steve without question as the person 
you would want to care for your dog.





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  • Review from Haydee C.

    11/30/2012 First to Review

    This is my second attempt at a review (my first was so long, I think I may have lost a few people, lol).  Loong explanation short, this is the best service.  Steve is a dream to work with and most importantly I trust him with my dog child and my dog is madly in love with him.  After each adventure we receive a text message with any updates, and sometimes even get a picture.  

    Steve has access to our apartment to pick our pooch up (which we very much trust him with) and have been so pleased with this service we have even left our dog with him overnight.  

    Steve is patient and loving and you can see it when Steve comes and our dog RUNS over to him almost out of control with excitement.  We had been taking our dog to a great doggie daycare to which he was never too in love with.  Since using Studio City Pets, we have not used another service.  It is a shining five stars in my eyes.

  • Review from John W.


    Steve takes very good care of our Bruno the boxer!  Bruno looks forward to his hikes and gets very excited when Steve shows up. Steve is also very helpful when I travel and he comes to feed Bruno during the day and evening and take him out for walks in the neighborhood.  I highly recommend Steve and studio city pets.

  • Review from Lafoodie D.


    Steve is awesome..We hired him almost two years ago and he has never let us down.  He's very reliable and trustworthy.  My dogs always look forward to their daily walks with him.

  • Review from Margita T.

    My 2 pups have grown up with Steve, he is like their godfather. They LOVE him and their whole body wiggles to catch up with their tails as soon as they hear him. He is extremely accommodating when I need him to do a last minute dinner and evening walk because of work. He let's them spend the night at his house so they have never had to be left at a kennel. He also helps me with replacing lightbulbs for fixtures I can't reach - he's awesome!

  • Review from Ga


    Sabrina (my Westie) and I love Studio City Pets.  I have never had a more reliable or loving caregiver for Sabrina.  Steve takes her for walks and gives her cuddles each day while I'm working, and he has also taken care of her in his home while I am out of town.  A co-worked recommended Studio City Pets to me, and I would not hesitate to recommend the services to anyone.

  • Review from Ariel R.


    I have been using Steve for seven or eight months now as my dog walker and it has been an excellent experience.  He has a key to my apartment and I have no worry about him being in the place alone.  My dog absolutely loves him and I have left her on occasion with him for weekends as well.  I highly recommend him for his trustworthiness, dependability, and for the simple reason that my dog adores him.