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Services & Rates

Dog Park & Fryman Canyon

Runyon CanyonWe take small groups of four to five dogs to Laurel Canyon dog park and to Fryman Canyon for hikes. We also offer private park visits and hikes. We only take non-aggressive dogs on hikes and dog park outings.

60 mins
$ 35.00
2nd Dog - add
$ 10.00

Neighborhood Walks

We will come to your house and walk your dog locally for 20, 30 or 45 minute private walks.

20 mins
$ 25.00
30 mins
$ 30.00
45 mins
$ 35.00
2nd Dog - add
$ 13.00


Salvador & MarchelloI will arrive at your home between 6-7pm, feed your pets, administer any medication, walk them, stay-over, give them breakfast, a morning walk and leave them with food and water for the rest of the day. I will return between 6-7pm the next evening until you come home. If your pets are not used to being left alone for 8 hours I can schedule a midday visit. I guarantee that your pet will receive first class love and care while you are away.

One Dog
$ 95.00
Two Dogs
$ 105.00
Three Dogs
$ 115.00

Private Boarding (my home)

We offer this very personalized service to just one client at a time. Your pets receive the same attention as they do at your home. (This service is a favorite for many clients)

One Dog
$ 70.00
Two Dogs
$ 85.00

Feeding and Let-outs

Everybody seems to have a busy schedule these days and it is not unusual for people to work 8-14 hours per day. We will make sure that your pets are cared for while you are working and will stop by, feed them and make sure they go to the bathroom and/or take them for a walk. We can also administer pet meds when necessary.

Let-outs & Feeding
$ 20.00

Vet Taxi / Groomer Taxi

We will drop your pet at the vet/groomers and pick them up and deliver them home in an air conditioned BMW wagon.

Per Hour or fraction of
$ 35.00


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Oliver Gaspirtz
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